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The LARIA Research Impact Awards are the only awards specifically designed to showcase the work of those researching local areas. We welcome entries from across the public and private sector that show the value of this work in helping public …

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How ethnic minorities fare compared to the White British varies according to where they live

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‘Real’ School Catchment Areas, Neighbourhood Characteristics and Access to Places at the ‘Best’ State Schools

Two thirds of London councillors believe that housing is a key issue for London ahead of the 2015 general election

LARIA North West taster event, 26th February 2015, Manchester

The state of the North: setting a baseline for the devolution decade

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Training in applied social research at the University of Manchester: CMIST Short courses

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LG Inform Benchmarking Club: Q1 results available and Q2 upload window now open

LARIA Yorkshire and the Humber event summary

The local UK games industry mapped out by Nesta

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