LARIA Annual Conference – Book Now

Bookings are now open for the LARIA Annual Conference 2017. The conference will be held on Tuesday, 23 and Wednesday, 24 May 2017 at Sheffield City Hall.

To view the full conference programme and to book your place, please visit …

How can you help lead LARIA?

Every year, there are a number of opportunities for LARIA members to help lead the organisation. These include: supporting the LARIA Council; helping to organise or speak at events; contributing to developing a vibrant local network; and liaising with key …

Health Survey for England (HSE)

Migration and Families in Europe: National and Local Perspectives at a Time of Euroscepticism

From Homelessness to Hope

The Impact of Population Change and Demography on Future Infrastructure Demand

NIHR School for Social Care Research Annual Conference 2017

Maximise the Relevance and Value of Adult Social Care or Carers’ Survey Data


National Intelligence Event

Older People and Human Rights Conference

LARIA East of England Event – 15th February

The Benefits of Social Eating

Evaluating Local Public Health Practice

New Economy Development Day: Introduction to Behavioural Insights

Getting in on the Act: A busy period for local researchers in Wales

Adults at Risk and Gambling