LARIA Research Impact Awards 2021

We are delighted to announce that the competition for this year’s LARIA Research Impact Awards 2021 is now open. With data analysis and research becoming so high profile over the last year, these awards aim to showcase the impact it …

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Battling Covid-19 using research, analysis and insight

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Autumn Webinar Series – Recordings and Presentations

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Data & Segmentation

How COVID-19 is changing the movement of your residents?
Speakers Stewart Eldridge, Associate Partner – Public Sector & Alex McCulloch, Director, …

LGC Article from our LARIA Honorary President Martin Reeves, CEO of Coventry City Council

What to do with all this data? – Developing platforms to analyse and share COVID-related data with professionals, service users and citizens

Local voices through lockdown: using innovative qualitative research approaches to inform Covid-19 recovery planning

Understanding the impact of COVID and lockdown

Internal responses to COVID and how to plan for service development and change

Using surveys and qualitative data to identify impact and manage COVID responses

“None of us had a manual for this” Lived Experience of residents requiring care and support in Essex during the Covid-19 pandemic

The Devil is in the detail – Using small geography, administrative data to understand and tackle the impact of COVID within authorities

Including cleaning, catering, and housekeeping staff in social care workforce strategies and practices relating to COVID-19 recovery

LARIA North East 1 December Event Write Up

Microdata case study: Over-indebtedness in the UK

LARIA North East Event 1 December 2020

Research, Policy & Planning Journal

Household spaces local authority neighbourhood profiles

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