Laria Listens: Changing Services, Improving Places

We are continuing our regular programme of events and networking sessions to support the work of local area researchers in Scotland, under the umbrella of Laria Listens (Laria in Scotland, Training Events and Networking Sessions)

Wednesday 30 November, 10 am – 3 pm, at Learning Academy, Glasgow City Chambers

Come along to Laria Listens if you want to share practice and network with others involved in local area research in Scotland.

Book your place via the eventbrite link

This time around we will be focusing on

Changing services

  • Using Research to transform services
  • Changing behaviours around money advice

Improving Places

  • Place-based approaches and
  • how they are being applied in Fife and West Dunbartonshire (both of whom are case study areas in What Works Scotland Collaborative Action Research Workstream)

Please contact Erin Murray or  Coryn Barclay to tell us about any wicked or burning issues you have with local research, analysis and use of evidence, that you would like to see discussed through Laria Listens

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