Supporting Research, Intelligence and Policy Survey 2019

LARIA, in partnership with CACI, has launched its latest survey, and wants your views.

To stay at the forefront of local area research it’s essential for LARIA to understand current, changing and future needs of our members and the wider sector. Although Brexit is the subject on everyone’s minds, other policy issues such as social care – adults & children, homelessness and changes to welfare reform remain priority for many of our colleagues at a local level.

LARIA wants to know more about the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis so that we can be better equipped to continue to provide the necessary level of support to our members and the wider sector. It is for this reason that we conduct a regular survey to give you the opportunity to tell us more about what is happening in your local area. Regional differences mean that organisations up and down the country face a range of issues and we want to ensure that we cover as many as possible.

The last LARIA survey was conducted at the end of 2016 and we’re sure that you will agree that a lot has changed in this time. While the policy issues we faced then are still with us now, we are also seeing the emergence of new and equally significant challenges that we need to tackle. Understanding more about what is happening at a local level allows us to maintain and continue to support the development of the sector ensuring that our events, papers and resources remain relevant.

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