CACI – Who will be most affected by Social Distancing?

By Stewart Eldridge

As we move into the ‘delay’ phase of the Government’s action plan to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak, those who work for organisations that have implemented appropriate business continuity plans will be working from home to keep ‘business as usual’.

This is clearly great for those who can work in this way, however what can be done to support businesses (and their employees) who operate in sectors who are directly affected by the significant changes imposed on our everyday lives? Although the Government’s plans are still evolving, the Chancellor’s package of financial support available to business during this period have been widely welcomed.  

But what about low income renters or at risk and vulnerable community groups such as the over seventies, those with underlying health conditions or those who already feel socially isolated? As these groups are likely to face the biggest challenge during this difficult period, who is responsible for their wellbeing and what provisions will be made to ensure they are supported throughout?

Given that the Government has said that Councils will be fully funded for coronavirus costs, it is highly likely that local authorities alongside their colleagues in public health and the wider integrated care system will be on hand to support these community groups. But what does the public sector know about who they are, where they are and how to reach them?

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