Collecting and Reporting Mortality Statistics for Covid-19 Webinar

Wednesday 20th May, 12:00 – 13:00
Organised by RSS Official Statistics Section in collaboration with the Health Statistics User Group

This is the first in a series of webinars organised jointly by Health Statistics User Group (HSUG) and the RSS Official Statistics Section on topics relating to Covid-19.   The focus will be on sharing experiences and discussing approaches to the methods being used to produce the statistics for each of these topics in the four nations of the UK.

Objectives of the webinar on 20th May

The webinar will provide an opportunity for:

  1. People involved in producing mortality statistics relating to Covid-19 to share their experiences and exchange ideas
  2. People using the mortality statistics to pose questions and make comments.  This will help with their understanding and use of these statistics.
  3. Members of the audience to contribute insights to the analysis and interpretation based on work they are doing.
  4. People producing the statistics to gain an understanding of the queries and comments that users have regarding their statistics, which will be helpful in improving the explanations that are provided with the statistics


The intended audience is people whose work involves producing and/or using mortality data/statistics/information relating to Covid-19 in the UK.


To register for the webinar go to RSS Events:

Webinar Content

There will be speakers from ONS (Office for National Statistics), PHE (Public Health England), PHS (Public Health Scotland), NRS (National Records of Scotland), Welsh Office and HSCNI  PHA (Health and Social Care N Ireland –  Public Health Agency) .  Topics covered in the presentations will include:

  • Special data collection for Covid-19
  • Data obtained from death registrations
  • Issues regarding recording deaths from Covid-19
  • Excess Mortality – and issues in relation to interpreting this

Speakers will provide background information in advance of the webinar, which will be posted on the HSUG web pages within StatsUserNet  – see

Participants are encouraged to read the background information prior to the webinar, and are also invited to send questions in advance to as well as being able to pose questions on the day.


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