Important LARIA Annual Conference 2020 Update

LARIA members will be aware that we took the decision a couple of months ago to move the conference from June to October, hoping that we would be in a position to hold the event then.

LARIA Council has been keeping a very close watch on the national guidance around the pandemic and regularly reviewing our conference status. We have taken the very difficult decision to cancel this year’s conference. It is difficult because it’s our flagship event, it is very popular, we always have very positive feedback, and the cancellation cost with the venue is a significant amount of money for LARIA to absorb. But we felt that if the conference did go ahead then we may not have the number of delegates needed to make the conference work for us, for delegates and for our sponsors and exhibitors. And we want everyone to be safe.

We have been exploring alternative options and we are at the early stages of planning, but we are hoping to run a series of web-based events in the autumn over a number of weeks, which will be at no cost for LARIA members. We will announce further information in due course.

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