Autumn Webinar Series – Recordings and Presentations

All recordings and presentations from the autumn webinar series are now available in the members area.

Data & Segmentation

How COVID-19 is changing the movement of your residents?
Speakers Stewart Eldridge, Associate Partner – Public Sector & Alex McCulloch, Director, CACI Limited

Who is the All in City for All? How Westminster City Council is harnessing the power of mobile app location data
Speakers Dr. Curtis Horne, Research and Intelligence Analyst, Westminster City Council

Understanding Housing Affordability on the Isle of Wight
Speakers Danika Barber, Public Health and Strategic Analytics Lead & Gino Wooldridge, Graduate Trainee, Isle of Wight Council

Working Together

2021 Census Outputs and Beyond
Speakers: Callum Foster, Head of Census Outputs and Dissemination& Jo Maimaris, Office for National Statistics

From ‘Public Health Policy’ to ‘Healthy Public Policy’ – an introduction to the SIPHER consortium
Speakers: Mary Gogarty, Lead Analyst, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Nicola McHugh, Data Scientist & Chris Gibbons, Health Economics and Research Manager, Sheffield City Council

Local Data Partnerships and Uses of Open Data

Let’s get physical: How can we use local data to develop community insight that informs preventative interventions to improve outcomes for all
Emma Farrow, Analyst – Population Health & Jevon Harper, Senior Analyst, Essex County Council

Climate Change and Citizen Behaviour: Where to start, what to do and why
Speakers: Robert Ormerod, Insight and Engagement Manager & Jonathan Baker, Senior Insight Officer, Hampshire County Council

Local Leadership

“I need a hero”: how researchers defeated the data monster and changed Suffolk
Speakers: Tom Delaney & Alison Matthews, Researchers, Knowledge & Intelligence Team, Public Health, Suffolk County Council

The anatomy of a data science team
Speakers: Nicola Mallett, Head of Profession Data & Analytics & Stephen Simpkin, Data Science Fellow, Essex Centre for Data Analytics

Westminster’s Urban Lab
Sophie Johnson, Research Manager & Nic Wells, Data & Intelligence Analyst, Westminster City Council

Place Data

Thriving Places Index – What is well-being, what it means for your communities and building back better
Speakers: Lisa Müller, Head of Research and Measurement & Liz Zeidler, CEO, Centre for Thriving Places & Duncan Mackenzie, Strategic lead for Partnership Support, Data Cymru

A sense of place: Generating and utilising intelligence and insight to support hyperlocal decision-making
Speakers: Owen Richardson, Intelligence Lead for Public Health & Vina Randhawa, Active Citizens and Places Manager, Kirklees Council

Predicting the Future

Predictive analytics in local government: lessons from action learning
Speaker: Ben Lee, Programme Director, Shared Intelligence

Predictive approaches in Worcestershire
Rob Morris & Jennie Humphries, Worcestershire County Council & Elliott Hunter, PredictX

Predicting demand – our response to the changing demand pressures from COVID19
Speaker: Leo Wall, Directorate Lead, Research and Data Science, Manchester City Council

Good Data Practice

Think TQV! How to build confidence in your analysis and support public services
Speaker: Dr Penny Babb, Head of Policy and Standards, Office for Statistics Regulation

From Interactivity to Insight

Improving Adult Health and Care Business Intelligence in Wirral through Power BI and Visualisation
Speakers: Robert Davis, Senior Health and Social Care Intelligence Manager & Nancy Clarkson, Head of Intelligence, Wirral Council

ESPRESSO – A Tax and Expenditure Analysis tool
Speaker: Chris Pope, Principal – Research (Digital Analytics), Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Data Visualisation

How data story-telling can help with survey analysis and reporting
Speaker: Colin Wojtowycz, Director, Datawoj Ltd

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