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Centre for Cities – Cities Outlook 2015

Cities make up just 9% of the UK’s landmass …but make a much bigger contribution to the national economy

The latest Cities Outlook (January 2015) explores how cities have grown over the last 10 years and how policy has sought …

Two thirds of London councillors believe that housing is a key issue for London ahead of the 2015 general election

During a London Councils summit in November 2014, some results from a summer 2014 poll of London councillors were discussed. When asked which issues were the most important for their parties to focus on before the general election in 2015, …

The state of the North: setting a baseline for the devolution decade

The state of the North: Setting a baseline for the devolution decade

This new report from IPPR North, marking 10 years since their launch, highlights the most important trends in the north of England over the last decade.

Looking at …

Shelter Housing Databank

Shelter has launched Shelter Housing Insights for Communities, the easy access local housing data resource.

In an era of Localism, reliable local housing data will be critical for local authority housing and planning professionals to achieve robust local plans.

That’s …