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Have you heard about Comoodle? 

By Duggs Carre, Comoodle Project Manager at Kirklees Council


Comoodle is taking a new approach to research, working with Kirklees Council’s coaches.

We are one of the European winners of the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayor’s Challenge, so we have three …

Enhancing intelligence through collaborative working – experiences from the Kirklees Local Plan

By Jamie Tasker and Zoe Taylor, Geographic Research and Information Officers at Kirklees Council

As individuals who job share in both the Planning Policy and Research and Intelligence teams, we have a distinctive position in facilitating and observing cooperative working …

Employee research in a changing council

Here’s some info on our approach to employee research at Kirklees Council.

Like most Local Authorities we’re shorter on resources than before; there are fewer officers to do the work and less money to spend on it.  We recognise that …