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Microdata case study: Over-indebtedness in the UK

What is microdata and how does it benefit policy analysis and more targeted policy intervention? The first in a blog series on the topic, Economist Anja Heimann at Cambridge Econometrics explores the merits of microdata through a case study on …

ONS Economic Forums on the road

The ONS would like to invite you to their ONS Economic Forums that are being held across the country over the next few months. These forums will give you an opportunity to hear about the current state of the UK …

Deputy Director, Head of Methodology

Business Area: ONS – Statistical Methods, Research and Innovation

Salary: Circa £70,000.00

Location:  Newport, Wales, NP10 8XG
Titchfield, South East, PO15 5RR

About the job

Job Description

Bringing innovative ideas to this senior executive role, you will drive a step …

ONS Consultation: Occupational Classification

The ONS is carrying out a consultation on revising the Standard Occupational Classification 2010 (SOC2010). They are investigating a potential minor revision to the classification for SOC2020 and are asking which areas of SOC2010 should be reviewed.

ONS is also …

Tell the ONS about your use of local data

The ONS are currently undertaking a piece of research to understand everything we can about local data (e.g. small area statistics) and the people that use it – and they need YOUR help!

They would like the opportunity to come …

LARIA Conference Poster Sessions

Now available:  LARIA Conference speakers’ posters.

Investigating the potential effects of the heatwave in Coventry
Presented by Andy Baker, Coventry City Council
Contact: Andrew Baker

Urban Audit – providing comparable urban statistics across Europe
Presented by Bill South, Office for …

Counting the population: the 2021 Census and beyond

The Royal Statistical Society has released a report detailing the move to an online census in 2021. Ian Cope of the ONS mapped out the details of the plans, supplemented by research into the further use of administrative and survey …

Measuring national well-being: life in the UK 2014

This release from the ONS provides the latest overview of wellbeing in the UK today. The Measuring National Well-being programme began in November 2010 with the aim to ‘develop and publish an accepted and trusted set of National Statistics which …

ONS publishes conclusions on the future of the Census

The ONS has recommended that the 2021 census is carried out predominantly online. This follows the three month consultation on the future of the census that LARIA took part in. The full set of consultation responses and the ONS’s conclusions …

#Factoids – ONS

The ONS have Tweeted some interesting factoids. Did you know that in the 2001 census, 390k people put Jedi Knight down as their religion – this dropped to 176k in 2011.

Can you share any interesting facts?…

LARIA response to ONS consultation on future of the Census

The census and future provision of population statistics in England and Wales

The answers below are in response to the ONS consultation document available here

Q1: What are your views of the different census approaches described in this document?


LARIA response to ONS consultation on Statistical Products

LARIA represents a range of different local researchers: in particular local government, NHS, police, fire and rescue services, private sector and individual freelance and academic researchers. We have 700 individual members and over 119 corporate member organisations. A full list …