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LARIA Research Academy launched

Supporting the professional development of local area researchers is one of our key objectives. We are therefore delighted to launch the LARIA Research Academy. Our idea is that this would be a cohort of researchers, from Corporate member organisations, who …

Capita funded Big Data & Ethics PhD

The University of Strathclyde has appointed Capita as its Strategic technology partner. As part of the Partnership agreement, Capita funds have been used to support four PhD Studentships (including on Big Data and Ethnics), with additional funds coming from across …

CCSR Short Courses in Data Analysis and Social Statistics

The Centre for Census and Survey Research’s short course programme at the University of Manchester continues in the spring 2014. A small number of places are still available on certain courses.

Demographic Concepts and Methods – 12-13th May 2014

This …

South West Observatory’s thoughts from the LARIA conference 2013

The below summary details some of the key points that SWO took away from the two day conference in Manchester. 

The main priorities/themes for the conference:

• sharing best practice across the local authority and public sector research industry

• …

LARIA: Managing Research in Local Government guide (2005)

In October 2005 LARIA published a guide to Managing Research in Local Government. It was written by Bryan Hall, a former Chair of LARIA and Research and Intelligence Manager with Cheshire County Council.

The guide provides a detailed insight into …