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How to increase the accuracy of your surveys by reducing your sample size

Choosing the right sampling method, be it cluster, stratified, sequential or simple, can make a dramatic difference to the accuracy of your results. In some cases the best option can allow you to reduce your sample size and thus costs. …

Mystery shopping – Is it truly market research?

This Market Research Society (MRS) event, free for members or non-members, will look at:

When to use mystery shopping and when market research Survey fatigue – what is cheap is not necessarily effective Mystery Shopping pricing DIY or sub-contracting Tips…

MRS Networking Event: Seeing the blue ocean – customer research, Bristol

Seeing the blue ocean: Understanding how your research can move the needle for your customers will give you more of a competitive advantage than methodology

The problem: research companies are in danger of all sounding and looking the same.

The …

South West Observatory’s thoughts from the LARIA conference 2013

The below summary details some of the key points that SWO took away from the two day conference in Manchester. 

The main priorities/themes for the conference:

• sharing best practice across the local authority and public sector research industry

• …